Attention: Solo-Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Healers, & Professional Service Providers...

“Working with Interns the Right Way Can Double Your Results, Attract New Clients, and Free Your Time”

Want to know the single most important task small business owners must do if they want to grow their business? It’s not bookkeeping, marketing, or customer service. It’s letting go.

Learning to delegate work (and how to find the right person to delegate it to) is not only a critical business skill, it’s also one of the toughest to develop after all, we’re entrepreneurs, the Queens of “do it yourself!”

But if you don’t want to spend 18 hours a day in front of the computer; if you want to have time to spend with your family and friends; and if you someday would like to take a vacation, you simply must develop a strong team to help you achieve your dreams.

And interns are a great way to do that because you get to help someone else reach their dreams and goals while you reach yours. Super Cool!

To help you get started, I’ve put together a quick working with interns primer that covers the basics, like:

  • How to get started with interns when you’re already so busy you can’t see straight
  • What interns can help you with, in your business (it might surprise you)
  • How highly skilled, premium service providers, like well-paid speakers and authors, can use interns
  • What to include in your intern program to make it compelling and attractive, even if it’s unpaid
  • 5 Fast Acting Ways to find Skilled, Willing, and Enthusiastic Interns
  • How you can get started with interns in 7 simple steps
  • And More