Former Fortune-500 Training Executive
Shows How To Build A Productive And Profitable Team In Just 90 Days!

From: Deanna Maio
Team Results & Accountability Strategist
Portland, Oregon USA

There’s too much on your plate. You know you need to bring in help, but that’s easier said than done.

Maybe you’ve hired in the past or just don’t know where to begin now—either way, you know these 70+ hour weeks need to stop.

Your ability to perform certain tasks may not be the problem, but the amount of time you have certainly is. Too many of us are spending endless hours on “$10/hour” tasks, while existing clients suffer and new prospects start to dry up . . . right along with your creative passion.

Maybe you’ve put off building a team because you aren’t sure where you’re going to find the right people for the job and actually trust them. Maybe you feel like your instincts have been poor with past hires and you just gave up trying.

Then there’s the whole money aspect of what to pay and where to find the money to pay these people . . .

DeannaMaio2012vLHi! I’m Deanna Maio And I’m here to help end your feelings of overwhelm and lay out the path for you to build and lead your own powerfully productive team!

Almost 7 years ago I left corporate life and struck out on my own to be an entrepreneur and business coach.

Throughout these years, clients have reminded me of the early days of my 10 year corporate career. Leaping from fire to fire, task to task, and seemingly working in circles.

When I started as Director of Learning and Development for a division of a major Wall Street firm, I quickly learned I could never do it all alone.

I needed to delegate tasks and authority to my team for building the systems that trained more than 1,000 employees each year.

That gave me plenty of time to learn what to do and not to do when hiring and delegating tasks to those who worked for me.

I took my years of knowledge and developed systems that help my clients build a powerful team and know what to delegate to that team. I put those systems into a clear and organized program, which fits the puzzle pieces of hiring together into one place.

Now, I want to share those systems with you.

90 Days To A Profitable And Productive Team

Build a Results-Driven, Accountable and Responsive Team
That Will Give You More Freedom
And Grow Your Business At The Same Time!

90 Days Entire Package ecover

You have high standards when it comes to the work you put out into the world. Finding the right people who will champion those high standards . . . then creating the conditions within those people to succeed . . . that is something that is paramount to the growth of your business.

But, a great team isn’t built overnight. And neither is getting yourself and your business ready for that team to come into the picture.

This 7-module program will provide you with a logical and efficient team-building plan that looks at the whole picture—allowing you to bring the hiring process and your business under control.

With this program, you’ll come to understand . . .

  • How to get yourself and your business ready for your next hire
  • What you should be delegating first, second, third, and never
  • How to come up with a realistic budget, so you can remain profitable and productive
  • Where to find the right person for the job and avoid the “revolving door syndrome”
  • What to include in job postings to attract the best candidates
  • How to properly screen and test freelancers before you hire them
  • What you can do to protect your business and reduce risks when delegating
  • Leading your very own team, even if you’ve never been in a position of authority before
  • How to recognize if opportunities will help you reach your goal faster or just distract you from it
  • Handling problems and tasks without having to babysit your team
  • How to redirect a distracted team member back to the task at hand
  • Build an energizing and motivational work culture (even if everyone works virtually)
  • How to be confident that you won’t be up a creek without a paddle if a team member leaves without notice
  • And so much more!

Each module is packed with the videos, audio recordings, written transcriptions, fill-in-the-blank templates, done-for-you handouts, checklists, and worksheet scripts. Everything you need to get things done quickly and easily.

This way you don’t have to create everything from scratch!

During these 90 days, I’ll show you how to create simple systems that will make your daily work easily delegated or automated. . . freeing up your time and allowing your business to begin running without you.

Every 2 weeks after enrollment, a new module will become available to you. The time between each lesson will give you the chance to absorb and put into place the lessons you learned.

I’ll walk you through each step of the hiring process and give you tools along the way to make sure you and your team know what you need to succeed.

We’ll talk about creating space in your schedule to not only become more strategic, but to develop and leverage passive income streams to grow your team AND your business.

The strategies in this program are the same ones I have used to hire 200+ freelancers and employees over the past 10 years . . . only having to let 3 of them go.

My global team allows me to work 4 days a week (9am–4pm). Which gives me plenty of time to spend with friends, have fun, travel, and work on my own music.

The systems in each of these 7 modules have been proven to build outstanding teams for myself and my clients . . . I know this program can also help you to build the rock-solid team you could use right now.

Here’s A Closer Look At
What You’ll Learn Over The Next 90 days . . .

Module 1: Getting Team-Ready

Team concept

In our first session together, we’ll make sure you and your business have the foundation ready to bring your team in. The more effective we are at the beginning, the easier things will be in the long run.

  • 5 signs it’s time to hire
  • What you need to be clear about before you make your next hire
  • How to figure out your budget
  • What you should be delegating first, second, third, and never
  • What type of positions you may want to add based on your revenue streams and maturity of business

The toolkit for this lesson includes . . .

  • What is My Time Worth Exercise
  • The Dream High Performance Plan Template
  • What Should I Outsource Exercise
  • 3 Stages of Business Handout
  • Hiring for Different Revenue Streams Handout

Module #2: Advertising Your Position


Attracting the right people is all about knowing what you want, finding where the best people hang out, and then effectively telling them what you want.

This module will be all about putting your needs into words and posting those words in the best spots to get the best help.

The toolkit for this lesson includes . . .

  • Position Posting Template
  • Recruiting Plan Template

Module #3: Hiring The Best Talent


Consistently attracting the wrong people can begin to make one feel like they’re a bad judge of character. In this module, we’ll take out the guesswork and empower you to know that you are making the right choice with each new team member.

Learn how to . . .

  • Automatically screen out bad candidates
  • Effectively interview job candidates
  • Properly check references

You’ll also receive my . . .

  • “How to Shortlist” template
  • “Interview Outline” and “Interview Questions By Competency”
  • “Reference Checking” Questions List
  • “Make Your Selection” checklist

Module #4: Getting The Right Start

Team concept

Building a solid foundation with each team member is one of the keys to keeping a long-term team. They need to understand your needs, where they fit in, and what they will be held accountable for.

By this end of this lesson, you’ll understand how to . . .

  • Set realistic expectations with your new hires
  • Get an agreement signed with each new team member
  • Create a training plan to get anyone up to speed quickly

The toolkit will include . . .

  • Sample Agreement
  • “Taking Inventory” Questionnaire

Module #5: Delegation And Day-to-Day Success

Flowchart And 3d Character Shows Process Or Procedure

A team member’s role can be ever-changing. In order for them to understand your needs, you must have efficient meetings and a powerful communication flow. In this module, you’ll learn the 3 keys to day-to-day success when delegating to your team.

Learn how you can . . .

  • Encouraging Effective Communication
  • Delegating Smartly
  • How to have productive and time-saving meetings!

You’ll also get . . .

  • Project Brief Templates
  • Delegation Checklist
  • “Successful Meetings” Cheatsheet

Module #6: Coaching To Redirect &
Turning Performance Problems Around

Sometimes a good hire can turn into a not-so good hire, before you even know it’s happening.

Holding team members accountable to a certain performance standard can seem like an intimidating task. But, when you create measurable outcomes and someone doesn’t live up to them, you can easily show a team member where they are falling behind and get back on track.

In this module, I’ll show you . . .

  • Why things go wrong
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • How to give feedback that can be heard and acted upon, for a true change in behavior and/or results

I’ll also include . . .

  • “Why Things Go Wrong” Document
  • “Coaching-To-Redirect Model” Handout

Module #7: Creating an Inspiring Culture

gold people cogs as concept

When you build a culture of inspiration and motivation, team members become more likely to take ownership in getting their tasks done. This leads to not only a happier and more productive work environment, but it also creates a culture that inherently grows your business.

We can all get into a rut from time-to-time, and your team will be no different. To help prevent fatigue and keep your team as productive as possible, I’ll show you in this module how to . . .

  • Build an energizing, motivational work climate
  • Develop high performance by choice and not by demand
  • Celebrate and reward success

This module also includes . . .

  • Celebration Model handout
  • Reward Ideas cheatsheet

“I tripled my previous workshop profits. “

Before I started working with Deanna, my business was doing well in spite of m e. I was serving clients and being paid well for it, but there was no strategy for manageable growth. The most difficult part of growing my business was developing a plan that I could execute without taking time away from current business obligations. If I had continued down that path my business would have continued to do well, but burnout would always be looming. Whenever I wanted to increase my earnings, I worked more and that is not sustainable.

The thing about Deanna is that she’s found the right balance between coaching and consulting.
I needed to grow my business in a way that worked for me, but I wanted to start that journey with some structure and choices that have been shown to work. Once Deanna got me pointed in a profitable direction, she helped me take action on the plan that worked best for me.

The biggest lesson or AHA moment I’ve had is that my business growth is dependent upon a marketing system that works and is easily maintained. Now my business is different. It’s easier to attract clients to programs that leverage my time because I have a marketing system that I can execute. No more wondering what to do next. And because of that, my life is different. It’s more manageable and I have a vision for my business.

What’s more, I can see where I’ll have more time for my family. I’ve had a number of results since starting my coaching with Deanna. I’ve re-connected with my email list and learned how to deliver them value. This was possible because I streamlined my focus and got clear about my target audience. These actions led to 3x increase in my recent workshop attendance with a 4-figure net that tripled my previous workshop profits. I’m now planning several more in-person and online trainings that I expect will be quite profitable.

Kevin B. Handley - Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Coach -

In the month or so since I hired my two new team members, I have been able to do sooooooo much! They’ve helped me catch up on uncompleted projects, get organized in many of my marketing processes and handle a lot of the tasks that, as a business owner, I shouldn’t be doing. More than that, they are providing FANTASTIC support during a crucial product launch. Without their help, I never could have taken an idea for a best newsletter contest to a fully functioning and content-rich blog in less than three weeks.
Heck, even the name of the contest came from them! They’re now doing shopping cart work, social media tasks, affiliate partner outreach and a TON more. The positive feelings are mutual, too. They both are learning skills, approaches and mindset that will serve them well…I needed Deanna as a sounding board for my many questions. I’m soooo glad I did. *It’s been one of the best investments of time and money into my business that I’ve ever made!
Linda Claire Puig -

I’m just so grateful for you and the help you’ve given us!
Deanna, I want to thank you again for being such an inspiration to us. At this point we have a whole new team that is totally on fire to be working with us and I owe it all to you and your coaching.
We have:
– A new web master
– A new online marketing project manager
– A new marketing asst./social marketing
– And a new executive assistant
Yesterday we had our first team meeting with the entire team and the energy was off-the-charts amazing. I am having fun again and this is truly truly the best team I have ever built. They are skilled, experienced and professional. We are so blessed. I’m just so grateful for you and the help you’ve given us. Thank you, Thank you.
Jenene Stafford -

I adore my new assistant. We have our meetings, I record them, send them to her, she does exactly what I ask her to do and sends it back.
She is awesome. So thank you for being you and helping me attract the right person to start of my team.
I know I want more and she’s connected me with another gal already for our next position (for marketing support).
Julie Muller -

I HATED the way I was managing my inbox, using it as a never ending to-do list instead of an inbox.
After hearing Deanna speak, I set a goal for myself that I would have a clean inbox at the end of every work day at my corporate job. I have been doing this for a week now, following Deanna’s guidelines.
Next, I will implement this for my personal and small business inbox. I believe managing my inbox differently will save me both time and stress.
I loved how Deanna broke down information into real, actionable tasks I can accomplish.
Deanna has great knowledge and passion about what she teaches; I definitely recommend her!
Jennifer Vickerman -

Deanna, I just want to thank you so much for the work we did during our session. I’m excited about the incredible value I gained. Before our session, I had a rough idea of my signature system and I wanted to use it to add a VIP day to my offerings, which I had never done before.
After 90 minutes with you, I walked away with a mind map outlining my system in detail, exact pricing for my new VIP day, plus a script on what do say to prospects so that they would want to work with me!!
Thanks to the clarity I gained from working with you, I sold and conducted my first VIP intensive within 10 days. When it comes to designing and implementing systems, you are masterful. Thank you again.
Anita P Kirkman

Here’s What You’ll Get…

 Here’s What You’ll Get With the “90 Days To A Profitable And Productive Team” Program

90 Days Entire Package ecover

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to these program materials…

90 Days videoplayer ecover

7 Online Video Training Modules

The video training guides you through the entire program.  This allows you to watch each module over and over again, ingraining every detail in your mind at your own convenience.



90 Days CD ecover

7 Downloadable MP3s for Each Module

The Downloadable MP3s make absorbing the info in each module so easy. Just download to your computer, mp3 player, or smart phone and you can listen at the gym, on a walk, or while you’re in car.




Written Transcripts of each Training (PDFs)90 Days Transcripts Ecover

I don’t know about you, but I love to take notes! Or ever listen to a training and wish you could follow-along or easily reference a specific part?

These transcripts will allow you to give your full attention as you go through the course and allow you to go back, print them out and highlight the notes you would have taken, directly on the transcript.



90 Days Toolkit ecoverModule Toolkits with  “Done-For-You” Materials, Worksheets, Handouts and Scripts

These make it easy for you to accomplish a lot quickly. No need to reinvent the wheel. We give you our toolkit of “Done For You” Materials and Handouts that you can customize and use in your own business.

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses To
Support Your Team-Building Efforts

Interview Questions Booklet
(Value $97)


90 Days Interview Questions


One of my big secrets to success with my team is that I pay special attention to the interview process I used to find the right people.

I’m going to give you access to my “Interview Questions by Competency” booklet so you can ask the best questions during the interview process of your candidates and avoid bad hires and having unskilled, bad attitude people from joining your team.

This is a 57 page digital booklet with over 50 separate skills and qualities you can interview for, and do it legally. Here’s just a few traits, characteristics, and skills that you’ll find inside:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Flexible
  • Initiative Taking
  • Integrity Driven
  • Organization and Planning Skills
  • And Many More!

How to Negotiate and Secure Great Deals
w/your Freelancer
(Value $97)

how to negotiate w your freelancer to secure great deals

Here’s the thing . . . everything is negotiable –including your freelancer’s rates.

If you’re willing to discuss the rates with your freelancer, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the freelancer offers some flexibility in terms of rates, payments and terms.

Once you know what bargaining chips and leverage points you hold, you stand a much better chance of getting a great deal!

In this report you’ll learn . . .

  • The ways to get a great rate without being or feeling like a cheapskate
  • The best kinds of freelancers to look for
  • What you can offer on your end to get a better rate
  • How to continue to get good rates into the future


Fiverr Outsourcing Success Secrets
($197 Value)


Fiver_rmedium-300x254_pngIn this powerful video training program, I will show you the ins and outs of not only finding the best possible people to add to your team, but also how to get lower prices than you ever expected! I’ll show you:

  • How to find the best article writers and researchers – the people who can do the tedious work for you
  • How to use freelancers to handle your social networking, including running Facebook Fan Pages.
  • How to use freelancing to outsource your backlinking, profiling, and SEO
  • You’ll also learn how to avoid spammers – there are a lot of illegitimate people on Fiverr and you don’t want to accidentally pay them 5 bucks!
  • How you can get really great graphic artists to design your logo, business designs, and so forth.
  • How to Turn a Freelancer Into a Long Term Assistant
  • How to Negotiate Cheaper Deals and Make a Freelancer Happy
  • And Much More

You’ll Have Support Every Step Of The Way!

Beyond the attentive customer service you expect, you’ll have the support between each module to put in place what you learn.

The purpose of this course is for you to stop wondering what to do, to getting things done and getting work off your plate.

You’ll be able to ask me, my team, and the community questions about the content, how to apply it to your business, or anything else related to the skills we are helping you to build.

And of course, you are fully protected by. . .

Deanna’s 30-Day Unconditional Happiness

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is absolutely, positively, GUARANTEED!

This is my promise to you: If you’re not satisfied for ANY reason, simply request a refund within 30 days and you’ll get your money back. Fair enough?

Yes, Deanna! I’m ready to create and lead a profitable and productive team so I can go from Delegated to Done.

I understand when I enroll today I’ll Get…

Lifetime access to:

7 Online Training Module Videos (Value $997)

7 Downloadable .Mp3s for each module (Value $147)

7 Downloadable Complete Transcripts (Value $147)

7 “Done for You” Toolkits including Deanna’s examples, templates, exercises, and scripts (Value $497)


Instant access to all included bonuses:

BONUS: Interview Questions Booklet (Value $97)

BONUS: Negotiate and Secure Great Deals w/your Freelancer (Value $97) 

BONUS: Lifetime Access To The Delegated To Done Leaders Facebook Community (Value $497)

BONUS: Fiverr Outsourcing Success Secrets (Value $197)


Total Value: $2676

And you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with being able to hire the right team that can lighten your workload and grow your income. You won’t pay $2,000 or even $1000 for this information which I have charged coaching clients thousands of dollars for.

No, Your Investment Today is Only

$497 (Best Deal)


3 monthly Installments of $197

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Are You Ready To Get More Off Your Plate
And Start To Grow Your Business Even Further?

If you’re ready to start building a team, you can go about it one of two ways . . .

  1. Slowly, through trial and error. Maybe you’ll find the right person at the right time . . . but more likely run into contractors that do half the work and leave you rushing to clean up the mess at the last minute.
  2. Quickly, with proven systems designed to make the hiring process as simple as possible

90 Days To A Profitable And Productive Team is designed to make the puzzle pieces of the hiring process fit into a clear and organized picture.

Building a profitable team is the key to larger and faster growth . . . I’d love to show you how to do it!

I look forward to seeing you inside!

To your fantastic success,

DeannaMaio 200x300

Deanna Maio

P.S. This is the chance you’ve been looking. Someone has laid out everything you need to know and have to hire a powerful team and build your business like never before.

Are you ready to learn how to hire, delegate, and lead with confidence? Get your copy now.

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I’ll see you on the inside,
Deanna Maio
Team Results & Accountability Strategist